About Us

Fix My Speakers is an online tool that can fix the speakers of your mobile by creating ultra-low 165HZ frequency. A simple and easy way to eject water and dust from the speakers of your smart devices. This tool comes in handy when you drop your phone in the toilet, sink, or pool and now the speaker starts sounding muffled. This happens because water gets into the speaker enclosure of your phone. But it will be an issue when any type of fluid is left in your speaker and it dries out, it can cause serious damage.

Now all you have to do is open your phone browser and visit fixmyspeakers.xyz then click on the button that says "Eject Now". This button will start playing an ultra-low frequency sound that will make your phone speaker vibrate a lot higher than any songs or music. That vibration will remove the water or dust from your phone speakers. Make sure to crank up the volume to 100% and play the audio for 90 seconds continuously.

How it works

How It Works

Whenever there's some water or dust in your phone speaker, sometimes the sound gets muffled, and in most cases, you can't use your speaker. Now all you have to do:

1. First, shake your phone well so that some water goes out.

2. Visit FixMySpeakers.xyz and click the Eject Now button to start playing the low-frequency sound on your phone's speaker, make sure you are at 100% volume. After some time you will start seeing the difference.

3. Now play some sound on your phone for 90 seconds continuously.

Hope this solves your problem if not try this a couple of times.